Tell me more about the wall decals?

To put it frankly, the decals are super awesome stickers purposely made for your home. 

These decals are a quality re-positionable self adhesive fabric made made from Polyester.  The texture of the adhesive fabric has been described by customers as canvas like.  It has a very lovely, but slight texture.  

The decal does not mark walls and will not leave sticky residue against 99% of surfaces when removed. It will not rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it was to fold over on top of itself during installation.  Think of it as an awesome quality post-it note and you're on the right track.

The decals can be illuminated with a backlight, be wrapped around wall corners, ceilings and poles, re-positioned and re-used over and over again.   


Where in my home can I stick the decals?

Place these mighty awesome decals on almost any non-porous flat surface within your home - fridge, roof, wall, door, window, cupboards for example and be set to give any area in your home a 'wow' factor. 


Are the decals re-stickable?

Yes.  You can re-stick the decals as long as you continue to keep the sticky side clean and dust free.  This means if they are not on the wall you need to store them stuck to the shiny/slippery side of the packaging that they arrived on. 


Will the decals peel off my paint?

The decals are made to be removable on 99% of flat home surfaces. However, this all depends on the quality of your walls.  However, from our experience with this product it is very unlikely to damage your wall.  Please keep in mind if you have just newly painted your walls we recommend that you wait for around 30 days for the paint to properly cure before using the decals. 


How do I stick the decal on my wall?

The decals are just like a large sticker.  Just peel the decal off the backing sheet and place it where you would like it. If you are not happy with the position of the decal just carefully remove it and reposition. 

Please ensure your wall is clean, dry and dust free before you stick the decal up.  Overlapping decals is fine and will not damage the decals.

  1. Prepare your walls.  Ensure your walls are in good condition.  The surface is flat and non-porous.  Your walls should have two coats of paint and have been primed appropriately before applying the decals.  
  2.  If your wall has been newly painted, allow at least 30 days for this to cure before applying the decals. 
  3. Ensure the walls are clean and dry.  Use a soft cloth and wipe the walls down with warm soapy water.  You can use sugar soap. Do not use chemicals or cleaning solutions.  Wait until completely dry before applying the decals.

How do I remove the decal?

From the top of the decal find a corner and simply peel the decal off the surface slowly and carefully.  If you are moving and want to store the decal, place the decal onto the clean backing paper (shiny/slippery side) and roll up facing outwards.  Keep this safe in the box it arrived in and you can ensure you item will be ready to be used again at your new home.  


Can the decals be cleaned?

Yes, you can wipe sticky finger marks off the decals (non-sticky side).  No need to use any chemicals.  Using water, dampen a soft cloth and wipe the decal clean.  Just ensure you keep the sticky side clean and dry.  


What happens if I want to reuse my decal but lost the original backing paper?

Please contact us.  There is a small charge for additional backing paper, but we are more than happy to supply this to you.